What is the AST Configurator?

The AST Configurator is a user-friendly tool designed to demonstrate the synergy between VITEK® 2 and Etest®, and provide guidance for product use based upon specific testing needs. Immediately the Configurator will display the most efficient solutions on screen. You’ll also have the option to download a PDF-version of the report for reference.

The power and intelligence of the AST Configurator combined with VITEK® 2 and Etest® technologies offer microbiology labs the most comprehensive and innovative AST solution available.

Thank you for your assistance and ongoing partnership with bioMérieux.

Find the most efficient VITEK® 2 and Etest® combination to meet your needs

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  • NEW* Gram Negative Card + Etest Option
  • Gram Positive Card + Etest Option
  • Yeast Card + Etest Option
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